Struggling To Sell Your Services As An Expert Consultant, Coach or Speaker?

If you’ve invested thousands on “trainings”, “tools” and “tactics” only to be disappointed by little or no return on your investment… then read on.

My name is Trevor Turnbull. And when I got my first sales job in 2003, I was handed a Yellow Pages phone book and told “good luck”! (Perhaps you can relate).

Back then, cold calling and networking events worked really well to generate new opportunities!

Remember what it was like to prospect for new business BEFORE social media and digital marketing was a “thing”?

You know….back when making business connections and generating referrals meant physically showing up to a networking event, shaking hands and engaging in an actual conversation.

“ After all, people do business with people they

But, in the last 10 years, the game has changed. Technology has taken over.

And for many consultants, coaches, and speakers, it’s completely overwhelming and even paralyzing to know how to market yourself.

It’s tough to know what to do first so you don’t waste your time!

You’ve likely been bombarded by “trainings” and “tactics” that claim they will provide you with an endless stream of qualified prospects.

And when you invested your time and money into those programs and tools, I’m sure you genuinely hoped they would work (of course!).

And, I’d guess if you are like most people I’ve talked to, you’ve likely spent $10s of thousands to find that “magic hack” that will work.. only to be disappointed time and time again.

“ It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think ”

I’ve spent the last 5 years testing a brand new methodology that’s designed to help people just like you generate new business. I’ve spent well over $500,000 refining and testing this method, and have run over 1000 clients through this, who have generated millions in new business.

This method works because it focuses on building genuine relationships and adding value so you are seen as the “most valued person” to your prospects, clients (and ultimately your family).

But, instead of having to buy lists, cold call and attend time consuming networking events like you used to…you can now leverage the largest database of business professionals in the world…LinkedIn.

“ It really is an unfair advantage if you follow my MVP Method!

At the core of our methodology is the Expert LinkedIn Funnel, a simple funnel that ANYONE can easily implement and EVERY expert needs to have.

It works by building your AUTHORITY, providing value, and booking APPOINTMENTS with your prospects.

“ No hypy internet marketing or sleazy, spammy sales tactics ”

Just a tried, tested and true consultative sales approach that works!

To discover how you can use this process in your business, sign up for a strategy session  where we’ll discuss…

  • how to build an offer that aligns perfectly with your desired lifestyle and attracts the right clients that value the expertise you have to offer.
  • how to consistently find, attract, connect & land new clients without pushy sales tactics or wasting time on strategies that won’t get results.
  • how to easily setup the tools and systems required to consistently build a qualified sales pipeline that doesn’t require high software or outsourcing costs.

Let me be your guide!

Trevor Turnbull

Founder – Expert Selling Machine

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” I didn’t know much about sales and marketing and was always a bit afraid of approaching people to sell my services. The support I’ve received from Trevor and his team has resulted in so many meetings and I closed my first 5 figure contract within a few weeks of implementing the strategies he’s taught me! ”

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About The Founder

Over the past 8 years, Trevor Turnbull has educated thousands of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals on how to get REAL results from LinkedIn. As the CEO of Linked Into Leads, Founder of the Expert Selling Machine mentoring program and instructor for the popular LinkedIn training programs LinkedInfluence (with over 23,000 members) and 30 Day Sales Machine (with over 1000 members), he has a solid history of providing results based training, mentoring & coaching. His “non-techie” teaching style and extensive background in traditional and online sales & marketing has provided him with the real world knowledge of how to apply LinkedIn strategies that are easy to implement and provide maximum return on time invested. As a topic expert on the topic of LinkedIn, Trevor has been hired by numerous Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, Raymond James and Bank of Montreal. He has also empowered amateur athletes in both the NCAA & Canadian Olympic Program to prepare for “life after sport” and has been quoted in many major publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur and others for all things LinkedIn Business!